EntityFramework – fun with DbCommandInterceptor

As a relative newcomer to EntityFramework (coming from a background of plain SQL) I often find myself frustrated by the "black box" experience it provides. Of course you're going to tell me to And I do. Sometimes I'll clone my own copy of the source & compile & link against that so that I can debug it in the context (no pun intended) of my application. Recently I discovered a useful extensibility point - DbInterception which (among many other uses) can…


Validating database results when refactoring legacy code

This post talks about some data-hashing techiques I employed w/ SQL Server to help validate database results in the absense of automated (unit) tests. Recently I was working on a legacy application in the financial services sector - the code in question performs a hypothetical ("what if") valuation of gas contracts over a period of time. Not really a mark-to-market but rather a set of calculated values (quantity allocated, liquidated charges etc), There was nothing particularly complicated about the calculation…


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