EntityFramework – fun with DbCommandInterceptor

As a relative newcomer to EntityFramework (coming from a background of plain SQL) I often find myself frustrated by the "black box" experience it provides. Of course you're going to tell me to And I do. Sometimes I'll clone my own copy of the source & compile & link against that so that I can debug it in the context (no pun intended) of my application. Recently I discovered a useful extensibility point - DbInterception which (among many other uses) can…

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Validating database results when refactoring legacy code

This post talks about some data-hashing techiques I employed w/ SQL Server to help validate database results in the absense of automated (unit) tests. Recently I was working on a legacy application in the financial services sector - the code in question performs a hypothetical ("what if") valuation of gas contracts over a period of time. Not really a mark-to-market but rather a set of calculated values (quantity allocated, liquidated charges etc), There was nothing particularly complicated about the calculation…


Autofac + NServiceBus + IStartable – making them play nicely

As part of a recent project I was installing NServiceBus as a replacement for Nimbus in an existing legacy system. The system makes use of Autofac for DI and adds various IStartable services to the container (background services etc). The goal - to continue using Autofac as the DI container for both the application and the NServiceBus message handlers, as well as allow the IEndpointInstance (bus) to be injected into / consumed by IStartable services in the container. Removing the…


Loading G-NAF (Geocoded National Address File) into SQL Server & making a simple query

I had a few hours spare and so thought I'd have a play with the "G-NAF" data set provided free of charge by the Australian government What is G-NAF? G-NAF (Geocoded National Address File) is a trusted index of Australian address information. It contains the state, suburb, street, number and coordinate reference (or “geocode”) for street addresses in Australia. It's worth noting that it doesn't contain personal or business related data - just data on physical addresses in Australia. It…


Ape E Eye: A user-configurable dashboard of REST API “searches”

Ape E Eye http://ape-e-eye.herokuapp.com/ This is a toy project I built to learn Angular JS. It's a configurable dashboard of "searches" (REST API queries) which are periodically updated. It's hosted on GitHub at http://github.com/flakey-bit/ape-e-eye This is what it looks like: The idea is the user sets up one or more searches (REST API calls) and the dashboard will periodically poll that search and display the results. The user must supply the API URL as well as a JavaScript function definition…


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